Wenger 'downgrades' Guardiola ahead of Wembley clash

Arsenal Coach, Arsene Wenger is of the opinion that Pep Guardiola has not raised the bar in football over the past decade in any way.

Guardiola's Manchester City are on track to win the Premier League and face Wenger's men in the EFL Cup final Sunday.

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The Spaniard has enjoyed plenty of success with the likes of Barcelona and Bayern Munich during his coaching career, including winning two Champions League titles.

 However, asked if Guardiola had raised the bar, Wenger played down the 47-year-old's impact.

 "No, because you look at Barcelona and they are still the best team in Europe," he told UK newspapers.

 "You have to accept that the modern game has changed with the recruitment of the best players in a short number of clubs.

 "We, as managers, can maybe impart our philosophy but this game belongs to the players because the importance of the players has become bigger than ever before."
Arsenal have won trophies in each of the past four seasons, claiming the FA Cup (2014, 2015 and 2017) and Community Shield (2014 and 2015).

 Wenger believes his team's history counts for something heading into the decider against City at Wembley.
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