Revealed!!! See How much Neymar makes from his Social media accounts.

A new analysis of Neymar's earning potential shows the Paris Saint-Germain talisman is a money-making machine on social media.

According to an analysis by Blinkfire, Neymar on top of his 37 million euro annual salary for playing in PSG colours is thought to make 459,000 euros for each advertisement across Twitter, Instagram and beyond.

"If we take into account all the content published in January by Neymar, we estimate a total value of 34 million euros.

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Buttressing Blinkfire's analysis, president of Havas Sport & Entertainment Stephen Guerry added: "A 459,000 euro fee for a post sponsored by Neymar would be the amount that a brand should be paying for an advertisement during a World Cup final."

This trend is only set to grow, as the winger's followers continues to soar with 88.8 million on Instagram, 60 million on Facebook and a further 37.6 million on Twitter.
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